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Aldridge Eye Institute

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Beth Meadows CPOA,NCLE

Contact Lens Technician

I have been working in the contact lens department here at Aldridge Eye Institute ever since I started in 2010. There have been tremendous increases in contact lens technology recently and I have had the pleasure of learning several of them. I am certified in scleral lens fitting through the Beyond the Limbus training offered by Blanchard Contact Lens. I have also recently been certified in Vision Shaping Treatment with Euclid Emerald. This means nearly everyone now is a contact lens candidate! That’s right if you were told you couldn’t wear contact lenses due to astigmatism, presbyopia (that decrease in near vision after 40) or even dry eye I have a contact lens option for you! I look forward to not only finding the best contact lens for you but also helping teach you how to wear and care for them as well. I love helping patients learn about all the different options that are out there. How can I help you?